The monograph review process

  1. Two independent reviewers are appointed to review each monograph. They shall not be affiliated to the same scientific institutions as the authors and must be holders of a doctoral degree (or higher) in the scientific and research field relevant to the topic of the publication to be reviewed by them.
  2. Manuscripts submitted for review must not contain any details or affiliations allowing for the identification of their authors. Authors and reviewers remain anonymous to one another.
  3. Reviews are performed in writing on the form approved by the Publishing Board
    (attachment no. 9 – publication review form in Polish)
    (attachment no. 10 – publication review form in English)
  4. Each review must contain a conclusion formulated by the reviewer, specifying clearly whether a particular paper is suitable for publication in a monograph or not.
  5. The authors of papers published in our Scientific Papers are obliged to write a response to the reviewers of their manuscript and submit it to our Publishing House.
  6. Departmental thematic editors decide whether a particular paper will be published in a monograph or not.
  7. In the form, the reviewers must select the right option and state that:
  • they are not familiar with the identity or affiliation of the author whose paper they are supposed to review,
  • they are familiar with the identity and affiliation of the author of the paper they are supposed to review, but they declare a lack of any conflict of interest between themselves and the author in question:

[a conflict of interest is understood as any direct relationship between the reviewer and the author (first or second degree kinship, legal relationships, marriage), subordination or direct scientific cooperation in the last two years preceding the year in which the review was written].